Transport of goods, packages and pallets

Transport of goods, packages and pallets

Goods transport within 24 hours across the European Union

We offer complete logistical support of organization, payment and distribution of all types of goods, from individual envelopes to packets and palletized goods.

With us consider it resolved!

Decades of experience in providing a broad spectrum of logistics services and goods transport give us the strength to respond to all your requirements, whether you are a personal sender or a company with demanding logistics needs for distribution. Contact us to find out more about the quality, speed and efficiency of our work.

  • Personalized delivery and payment
  • Direct transport within the set deadline
  • „Door-to-Door“ delivery
  • Delivery status report
  • Customs clearance and factoring

Direct transport

With this service, we offer the "door-to-door" carriage of goods regardless of the European state, in your preferred, set deadline (i.e. Zagreb loading at 8:00 pm, unloading in Munich at 2:00 pm).

Informative transport prices

Envelope HRK 100,00 HRK 130,00 HRK 150,00
2 kg HRK 110,00 HRK 190,00 HRK 230,00
5 kg HRK 120,00 HRK 250,00 HRK 290,00

Prices are without VAT.
Price of goods of other weight upon request.
Delivery term: 1 working day to/from ZG, KR, VŽ, ČK.
When calculating prices, greater weights are considered regardless of whether it is real or voluminous.
Volume weight is calculated as: LxWxH (in cm) / 5000.

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